2010 Programme

The 2010 programme enlightened and entertained delegates!

Official Conference Opening

ICS Skills update on certification and testing

Speaker Ann Donnelly: How (NOT) to be a Social Media Guru

Showcase of ICS Inspire:  Choose IT, F1 in Schools, Scratch

ECDL Test Centres: A Sharing of Experiences

Speaker Simon Lewis: Cloud Computing in Education

13th National Training Awards 2010

Speaker Stuart Lawler: Learning for those with Disabilities

Keynote Speaker, Joe Dale: Innovated ICT in Education

Discussion Panels

Viewing of Exhibitor’s Stands

*agenda subject to change

5 Responses

  1. […] That’s the question I’ll be asking in my keynote at the Irish Computer Society’s National IT Training Conference in Dublin on 30th […]

  2. I have answered the questions in the survey. I must have missed on the place to add my name. If you can pick it out of the bunch feel free to use it. If you wish me to fill it out again, I will be more than happy to do so. I am passionate about training.

    • Thanks so much Sr Monica and thank you for all your support, it’s much appreciated.

  3. Please update your blog to show details of #ittc2010, as I’m definitely interested in seeing the presentations of the 4 speakers. I really enjoyed the day yesterday, thanks again and well done one and all.

    • Thanks so much Q47! We’re currently uploading the photos and deciding on the best way to get the presentations to all the attendees however if you send an email to sharonh@ics.ie I’ll get them over to you asap. Thanks again for your kind words and for your support!

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