Your suggestions from last year will make a better conference this year

We received valuable feedback from last year’s conference – so valuable that we’ve incorporated many of your suggestions into this year’s conference. Here are some of the changes we’ve made thanks to you:

You said: “Perhaps a hotel venue would be better [than the RDS].”

We said: “You’re right, let’s have it at the Clarion Liffey Valley. It’s classier, the accoustics and audio visuals are better, the lighting is better, it’s more accessible…the list goes on…”

You said: “Why don’t you have an event blog?”

We said: “Great idea!”

You said: “The lunch sack sandwiches weren’t very good.”

We said: “You’re right, they were expensive for what they were – we were disappointed, too, in their quality. This year we’re replacing the brown paper bags with a full, hot meal in the Clarion’s eatery downstairs from the conference. Yum.”

You said: “I wish there was more time to talk to other attendees and speakers.”

We said: “This year we’ve scaled back our speaker time to 45 minutes so that you would have more time to network, network, network.”

You said: “It’d be nice to have more info on the speakers in the delegate packs”

We said: “Very good idea, we’ll work on providing more detail about the speakers and their expertise.”


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