Last Year’s Speaker line up

Patrick Munden, Head of Business Development, eBay Ireland

keynote: The Future of eCommerce and How it Will Affect Training Providers

Patrick explores emerging eCommerce trends, explains how eBay delivers for buyers and sellers and provides insight into how future trends will be important from both the perspective of the training provider and the client.

Rory O’Connor, Director, True Potential

Who Moved My Cheese – Rory delivers an abbreviated version of this outrageously popular training programme for developing Change Skills. True Potential provides a range of world-class Creativity, Innovation, and Change Management services.

Theo Lynn, Lecturer in Management, DCU Business School

Bridging the digital divide: implications for the IT Training sector

Theo probes the current state of the digital divide: the challenges and opportunities before trainers today.

Roy Jackson, International Trainer Provider

Change, e-facilitation and communications

Roy discusses change, e-Facilitation and communications (or rather miscommunications) within a company. Roy shows us with proper training in these domains, companies can save tens of thousands of euro per year.



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